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Deep and Dark Web Mysteries

When one hears the term ‘dark web,’ images like dealing with drugs or assassinations are what flood the mind. A majority of activities on it are illegal. Unbeknownst, these are not the only things the dark web is used for. The ‘deep web,’ which popularly came to be called as dark web, consists of a wealth of knowledge that is not accessible by traditional search engines. Google has indexed only 0.04 percent of the whole Internet; the rest is still a confounding mystery for us.

A beacon of light within the darkness

Akin to the popular legend of Pandora’s Box, there is a light within the dark web as well. Hackers and people who walk on the wrong side of the law are not the only ones inhabiting it. The dark web also has provided a voice to people in countries where they are not allowed to have one. Political discussion groups and various oppressed factions of the society use the deep web to connect with people who share their values. Countries with an authoritarian regime are known to curb the voice of the masses claiming to do it for the greater good. As such, the Internet in these countries is also monitored heavily by the government. The dark web provides anonymity to its users through various channels which make it safe for people to discuss their condition and even socialize.

Anonymity as an advantage

The Internet of today is heavily monitored since there is ease of access as to what a user loads on his/her computer. The dark web makes you virtually invisible to an extent and prevents tracking of your online activities. It is due to this that journalists and even companies who deal with sensitive information on a daily basis prefer their communication to be over the deep web. This not only safeguards the information they relay across their trusted partners but also help in maintaining complete anonymity in their operations. The deep web has enabled whistleblowers to uncover some bitter truths and make them known to the masses without compromising on their identity.

Light vs. dark – A constant debate

There have been discussions regarding the regulation of content in the dark since it is believed that a majority of it is illegal. However, with incidences where the dark web is used to spread knowledge also on the rise, its benefits cannot be ignored. The deep web is a moral grey area which provides the user freedom to choose what content he/she accesses. While it is debated that most have sinister aims to be on it, taking it away would also mean further oppressing the factions who have a voice in the world because of it.

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