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Backtrack vs.Kali Linux

Cyber-criminals and hackers develop and design their malware on their own. They make various tools that help in scanning for weaknesses, infiltrate networks and deliver the engineered payload. Hackers amass a variety of such tools and use them in tandem to breach secured systems. Just like there are hackers who are cyber-criminals, there are good-guy hackers employed by various companies. These hackers also possess at their disposal similar tools.

White hat hackers as these professional hackers are labeled utilize special operating systems that are designed for hacking, Linux, the open-source operating systems have several distributions each with their unique features. One of the Linux distributions that were released specifically for the purpose of cybersecurity was known as BackTrack. BackTrack came with several pre-installed tools and services such as sniffing and port-scanning software, phishing and DDOS tools and other pre-set OS settings for better security. BackTrack was upgraded for 5 versions after which the upcoming OS was called Kali Linux. Kali Linux has several significant changes and OS updates that make it a more advanced and secured version of the BackTrack Distro.

Features of Kali Linux

White hat hackers are also known as pen or penetration testers as they penetrate security systems of companies over and over again to find out as many loopholes as possible. Kali Linux comes equipped with features and capabilities that are specifically designed to help penetration testers do their job. Some of the various notable features of the Kali Linux are mentioned below.

It comes equipped with more than 600 penetration testing tools. A lot of duplicate tools and inefficient services from BackTrack were done away with. The tools package became more streamlined, productive and easy to navigate.

Kali Linux just like all the other Linux distributions is completely free. Nobody needs to pay for Kali Linux, and anyone can download it.

The Open Source, development tree of Kali Linux is available for viewing for free. The entire source code is available for tweaking as users see fit. The OS is also completely FHS or files hierarchy system compliant making interface and navigation easier.

Kali Linux has a variety of wireless services and wireless device support. Added to this, the Kali Linux comes with a custom built kernel that has been patched for injections. It always includes all the latest injection patches becomes very useful during rigorous penetration testing exercises.

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