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What is Multipartite Virus?

Multipartite virus is a special kind of  computer malware that utilizes multiple channels for spreading and corrupting the stored files. Multipartite viruses are incredibly fast-moving malware that target both file sectors and boot sectors of the system.

Most common malware either infect the boot sector, the program applications or the stored files. Multipartite virus has the capability to infect all of these simultaneously. This makes them more dangerous and damaging than any other form of the virus. If the virus attaches itself to the boot sector of the computer, then the multipartite virus executed as soon as the computer is turned on and the begins to spread.

It first attaches itself to the hard disk which gives it access to all the stored files on the computer system. Subsequent to this further harmful payload is delivered by the multipartite virus once corrupt application programs begin operating. Such multipartite viruses are extremely difficult to eliminate as they infect the computer systems multiple times at different intervals of time. Purging the systems and removing every trace of the virus is a complex activity. Multipartite viruses are also known as hybrid viruses due to their ability to affect numerous systems.

Difficulties in dealing with Multipartite Viruses

Due to the fast-spreading nature of the virus, it is very difficult to combat the effects of multipartite virus. Added to this, their ability to affect multiple systems at the same time makes them very difficult to remove. If say, for example, the cybersecurity officer is able to clear the virus from the hard disk, it might replicate from other locations at different periods of time. This random nature of the virus renders the computer systems completely unusable.

There are three basic steps to avoiding any kind of virus and the same goes for multipartite virus. Due to their complex nature, there are not many virus-specific steps that can be taken.

  • Only install anti-malware software from trusted sources. Always the latest version must be installed and it must be constantly updated.

  • Files from unknown sources or websites should never be downloaded. Additionally, every downloaded file must be scanned for malicious content before use.

  • The virus scanner that is installed must be updated routinely in order to safeguard against the latest kinds of viruses.

There are no known solutions for dealing with multipartite viruses other than cleaning the entire system.

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