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The most important aspect of any IT service is security. When a business utilises the services offered by an IT service provider, their records and transactions need to be beyond the grasp of any Cybercriminals. Proper encryption must be put in place to ensure air-tight security. A complete assessment of your organisation’s systems and network must be carried out by the IT service provider to check for loopholes and backdoors. Cybercrime is a major threat faced by businesses today and hence, it is advised to hire professional IT service providers in order to guide your enterprise through the process of securing your network. Mentioned below are some critical steps one can take to ensure secure networks and protocols.

Information risk management regime

Be extremely detailed and stringent in your assessment of your information assets. Take them as seriously as you would your legal or financial policies. Get your upper management on board with the policies prescribed by your IT service provider. Establish a risk management regime in your organisation that educates and monitors not only the processes of the organisation but also third-party stakeholders like vendors and suppliers. Actively communicate the risk management throughout the organisation and make sure that everyone adheres to the policies and boundaries mentioned.

User-privilege management

The employees or users of your organisation must be given access limited to occupational requirements. Limiting the number of privileged users to system and network administration is advised. Your IT service policy must have features to continuously monitor online traffic and user activities. Put up a page blocking mechanism that blocks seemingly malicious or irrelevant web pages.

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Incident management

Establishing a service desk is a key feature in any IT service management policy. Having a quick response time to the issues raised helps in controlling the damage done by the issue. All of your incident management protocols must be tested in field environments before implementation. Professional IT service providers often have a team of trained specialists to deal with high-risk incidents on a short notice.

Restricting the use of removable media

Companies must restrict the use of personal removable media such pen drives and external hard drives on office systems. In processes where such media are necessary, provide your employees with encrypted storage media from the company’s side. Make sure that all your IT assets have been thoroughly vetted by your IT service provider for possible backdoors. Professional IT service providers also have apps for smartphones and laptops that monitor company data and sensitive information on your employees’ devices.

The threats posed by Cybercrime are real and often have widespread disastrous consequences. Entire companies can be brought down or put on hold if a cybercriminal gets access to your networks. Make sure that you hire a team of professionals to host a secure IT framework and workspace. This coupled with stringent practices and strong anti-malware software can keep your businesses safe and secure.

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