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What is the safest and most secure web browser available?

The internet is becoming a dangerous place as there is an increase in cybercrime and the spread of malware. While most of the cybercrime is directed towards large businesses and corporations, there is also a palpable risk for the regular users. In order to check against such malicious activities, network architects and programmers are continuously updating their networks and browsers. Be it in the form of updates or plugins, it is necessary to stay updated with the latest version of your browser and antivirus software. Understand that there is a difference between security and privacy. Most browsers today are safe from hacker attacks and devious codes. But all of them do not ensure the privacy of the user.

Even though Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers out there, it is not the most secure. The main concern with Chrome is Google’s modus operandi. A company that believes in spying on its customers in order to target them better for advertisements, cannot really have the most secure web browser. Even other major browsers like Safari from Apple and Edge by Microsoft are no different. Mentioned below is a list of the best and the most secure browsers found online.

TOR Browser
This browser was mainly designed to provide its users with anonymity online. It utilizes the onion routing protocol to encrypt and bounce its data all over the world to provide to check against traffic scanning. It is open-source software that checks against browser fingerprinting and other such surveillance activities. The private browsing mode is the default setting for this browser and it utilizes HTTPS and NoScript to deactivate any detected code). The only drawback of this browser is its lack of high speeds as compared to your popular browsers like Firefox and Chrome.

Another open-source browser that comes preset with AdBlocker, script blocking codes, protection against tracking and secure HTTPS link all across the internet. Based on Chromium, Brave also funds an Ad-replacement program that replaces “bad” or unsuitable advertisements with more relevant ones.

Pale Moon
Pale Moon is an open source fully customizable (Using XUL) variation of Firefox with none of its worrisome features. Although it does not contain any special security features like the others, it is free from most of the tracking and scanning features of other browsers, making a lightweight and user-friendly software. It is available for both Windows and Linux.

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