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What are the most common types of cyber attacks?

A cyber attack is an attempt by a person or group of people to unlawfully breach the information system of another person or group of people. Most of the time, it is deliberate and malicious. The attacker disrupts his/her targets network because usually he/she stands to gain from doing so.

How frequently do businesses and individuals get targeted by cyber attacks?

Businesses are often targeted by cyber attacks. They usually get attacked every day. John Chambers, the former CEO of Cisco has brazenly said that there are two types of companies. One type of company is a company that has been hacked, and the other type is a company that doesn’t know that they’ve been hacked.

What is a botnet?

A network of devices that has had malicious software such as a virus injected into them is known as a botnet. Botnets are frequently used to overwhelm systems in a distributed-denial-of-service attack. This is also called a DDoS attack.

A quick look at the most common types of cyber attacks
  • Malware – Malware is another word for malicious software. Malicious software includes spyware, ransomware, viruses, and worms. Malware is usually injected into a system through a vulnerability. Most of the time, shifty software is installed when a user clicks a link or an email attachment.

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  • Phishing – The primary goal of phishing is to steal sensitive information such as credit card details and login details. People fall for phishing attempts because most of the time phishing attacks make it look like they come from legitimate sources.
  • Man-in-the-middle-attack – This kind of attack is also called an eavesdropping attack. The way it works is that an attacker puts himself/herself into a two-party transaction. Once he/she has infiltrated the transaction, he/she can steal and filter information as he/she sees fit.
  • Denial-of-service attack – DDoS attacks work by overwhelming systems, servers and networks with a lot of traffic. This results in resources and bandwidth being exhausted which leaves the system unable to process legitimate queries. Many compromised systems can be used to launch an attack.
  • SQL injection – SQL or Structured Query Language injection works when an attacker injects tampered code into a server which relies on SQL. This results in the server revealing information that it wouldn’t disclose under normal conditions.
  • Zero-day exploit – When a vulnerability is announced but not yet patched, this creates a window of time for an attacker to abuse the vulnerability. This type of attack is known as a zero-day exploit.

This list isn’t a complete list. However, these types of cyber attacks are used commonly around the world.

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