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How to Protect your Business

Businesses are popular targets among hackers due to the high collection of sensitive and valuable consumer data that they possess, and because they can be made easy targets for extortion due to continuous cash flow. Small and medium businesses often cannot invest in elaborate cyber security systems and expensive antimalware software. They need to establish secure operating protocols and possibly move to secure third-party cloud service providers for all their software needs.

Quite often it is not software or network devices that act as vectors while hacking businesses but the employees themselves. Most dangerous hacks and cyber-attacks rely on social engineering as an attack method rather than typical digital vectors. This is often possible due to the lack of clear and foolproof operational protocols which allows hackers to hide themselves as executives or camouflage their attacks with innocuous content.

Small and medium businesses often think that hackers will not target them due to the presence of better targets. This couldn't be further away from the truth. Since, hackers are aware of the inherent limitations of small and medium businesses; they make for easy targets.

Steps small and medium businesses can take

One of the most important steps that such companies can take is to spread awareness among their workforce about the importance of cybersecurity and the consequences a potential attack can have on the company. Added to this, all the operational protocols and processes should be reassessed for any vulnerability. Employees should be trained to follow clear identification and authentication protocols when they encounter any new person on the office space or file on their mail servers.

Small and medium businesses can employ basic cryptographic solutions and authentication platforms that make it difficult for typical attacks such as brute force and injections to break the security. Today, there are third-party cloud servers available such as Amazon AWS which provide secure software capabilities from their cloud servers. Enlisting the services of such third party cloud servers can allow small and medium businesses to not only protect their valuable data through advanced cybersecurity measures but also save costs in their IT department.

While keeping all the software, antimalware solutions and firewall up to date with the latest patch is important, cultivating a culture of awareness and persistence towards strict security measures can keep any organization free from attacks.

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