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Most Destructive Malware of the Year

Computer malware is on the rise. With many developments in digital technologies, computer viruses are evolving to be more discreet, provide greater control and be better at stealing confidential information. Even with the latest updates in antimalware software, one can find numerous viruses that are still successful at infecting systems.

Today most common resources and services use the internet and computer systems. From transportation, communication, infrastructure, social network, and banks all employ networks and computers. These systems have become vital to our daily activities and store enormous amounts of sensitive data. Hackers often target such large scale computer systems such as government resources and corporate servers in order to extort money or steal bulks of data. 2018 has already witnessed some of the worst computer viruses in the digital world. A list of some of the deadliest viruses of this year is mentioned below.

Protecting your Business: How Important Cyber Security Is

With the centralization of databases and automation of activities, more and more business operations are becoming dependent on computers. These systems while designed to be foolproof, often have vulnerabilities and backdoors due to oversight and human errors. Businesses of all sizes utilize computer systems and networks to manage their operations and data. There are network utilities, database management systems, multiple users, authentication systems and various kinds of software tools for analysis and data manipulation. This wealth of private or proprietary data makes these computer systems ideal targets for cybercriminals.

Backdoor Viruses and Trojans

Backdoors are one of the most common forms of vulnerabilities often exploited by hackers to gain access to computer systems. Malwares which utilize backdoors completely negate the implement authentication system and gain easy access. The term backdoor refers to the existence of an unforeseen backdoor which was left as a part of faulty software design or oversight by software engineers.

Through the use of backdoors, cybercriminals gain remote access to sensitive file systems such as various vital applications, databases, file servers and other. This allows them to remotely control the entire system from geographically diverse locations. They can also update their version of attacks and infect the systems further.

Cyber Security Awareness Tips

As businesses are now handling sensitive data about their customers, they are becoming prime targets to cybercriminals. Even though cybersecurity is extremely important, your employees may not find it interesting.

In most cases, cybersecurity training uses fear tactics to teach employees to avoid clicking links which look suspicious and use weak passwords. However, these methods won’t be successful, as they don't know of its significance. Instead, you should follow these three tips, which will make them take cybersecurity seriously:

Evaluate your Recovery Time

Cost of Downtime

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