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Keeping your data safe

Regarding with vital information, it is important not just for a corporation, but also for a company to make sure that their data is protected and backed up in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. Small to medium size business should also consider having their important files backed up. Sadly, only 50% or less of small to medium sized-businesses have their data’s backup properly. The main reason for not being properly backed up is due to lack of technical expertise or the equipment itself to backup critical data properly.

As we all know calamity or natural disasters cannot be predicted, it can strike in an instant without knowing it. Even human errors can cause your business to lost important files or vital information of your clients. Having your important data’s secured should be a priority for all business establishment.

Business Cyber Security Plan

We are all familiar that targeted attacks on businesses and establishments are on the rise. Are you aware that 40% of all cyber-attacks occurred in the past years were on small to medium businesses? Majority of business owners neglects to strengthen their cyber-security, having the notion that cyber-attacks can only occur in larger companies.

Assuring that you are secure online is as much as important as securing your business physically. You may think that it can be a burden or can be overwhelming for a small business owner, but in reality, it can be effortless and simple. The best way to defend your business against cyber-attacks is prevention. Establishing a cyber-security plan is the first step of being prepared for any attacks. A cyber-security plan is a documented planning tailored made only for your business. It outlines the proper and safe way of using modern technology in a business capacity.

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