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What are the most common types of cyber attacks?

A cyber attack is an attempt by a person or group of people to unlawfully breach the information system of another person or group of people. Most of the time, it is deliberate and malicious. The attacker disrupts his/her targets network because usually he/she stands to gain from doing so.

Importance of Cybersecurity Training

Managers inside the c-suite usually care less about cybersecurity than managers outside of the c-suite. Cybersecurity must be taken seriously because the potential consequences can be severe.

If the c-suite understands the importance of cybersecurity protocols, the rest of the company will follow. This will ensure that a culture surrounding the importance of cybersecurity will be present at all levels of the company.

Cybercrime as a Business

Despite what many people think, cybercrime is just as organised as any legitimate industry out there. Cybercrime maintains an economy of products, as well as services, which are all commoditised.

Both the buyer and seller benefit from the products in cybercrime. The sellers benefit by getting a payout that is both discrete and quick. The buyers benefit by receiving access to malicious operations which they can put to use immediately. If you take a look at all of the products in the cybercrime economy, they can be broken down into two categories. These categories are information and resources.

Understanding Spoofing Attack

Spoofing attacks are a particular kind of attack which involves the hacker or the malicious software impersonating a legitimate device connected to a network. This usually involves providing falsified authentication data and gaining access into the network.

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