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How machine learning is changing IT service management

With constant progress in the field of AI and machine learning, more and more services and processes are getting automated today. With the rise in demand for instant and accurate solutions, ITSM and its methodologies are getting automated. By minimizing human intervention and automating most of the routine tasks we not only reduce the number of errors but also save cost. Implementation of ITSM requires the alignment of your IT services with the core business goals of the company. An improvement in the service quality and efficiency in your IT services will have a major impact on your business.

With further progress in natural language processing and virtual assistants, service desk capabilities and incident management are being completely automated to provide continuous and fast service. Mentioned below are some of the major advantages of incorporating AI into your ITSM processes.

  1. Better data analysis - Automation in database management and data analysis has led to a generation of automatic reports. This has enabled better decision making based on live data of operations. AI takes real and continuous input on the status of operations which is not possible through human means. Over the course of time, such automated systems can also be fine-tuned to account for errors and abnormalities occurring in the processes.

  2. Empowering the End-User - By providing quick and automated solutions through a simple user-interface will allow end-users to resolve their own minor issues. Also as more and more processes get automated or incorporated into the software, employees will need interfaces that make their work easier. Automated management of such software platforms will enhance the end-user experience. This has a direct impact on the accuracy of regular operations as well.

  3. Avoiding duplication of efforts - Problems are categorized based on certain patterns. A careful documentation of a case history of problems and solutions faced over the course of time can help us develop plans and avoid duplication of efforts. However, this is a tedious and time-consuming task that demands a lot of work-hours and analysis. With machine learning capabilities software can be developed that learn over the course and take input from a pre-planned knowledge-base.

  4. Better change management - With automated report generation capabilities, the change management team can make faster decisions and transfer the necessary data through secure channels. A bulk of the analysis required during change implementation can be automated to provide direct solutions. By removing human intuition and assumptions from the process, change management can be made more effective.

Integration of AI into ITSM includes a major overhauling of processes. Resistance in the form of challenges and employee dissatisfaction is to be expected. However, it is necessary to get your entire IT team on board with proper approval from the top management for a smooth transition.

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