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How using chatbots can benefit a small business

Chatbots are here to stay and make intelligent – even if artificial- conversations! Businesses and industries have taken to artificial intelligence in a big way and the coming years are likely to see the bots becoming smarter and more self-aware.

The big players including Amazon’s EchoGoogle’s Allo, and Messenger of Facebook, Cortana and Siri, not to mention Telegram and Operator are already ubiquitous. Small businesses also would benefit by leveraging “conversational commerce” a term coined by Chris Messina. The term refers to the transactions such as a purchase or a booking that a user makes during a conversation with a Chatbot.


Save labor: Bots have set foot in logistics in areas such as delivery and warehouse automation. There is a seamless integration of technology in terms of artificial intelligence and logistics. According to a McKinsey study, logistics industry has benefited by employing artificial intelligence in terms of a 50% reduction in costs related to labor. A Forrester study indicates that logistics providers are all set to triple their investment in artificial intelligence in the last quarter of 2017.

Customer experience: The main focus area for small businesses is customer service as they seek to engage their customers and provide a smoother experience across multiple touch points with the use of bots. Bots improve customer experience and with automated responses, can help reduce the time agents spend in answering queries by 10%. One such successful bot experiment has been in Singapore where Yojee is transforming the logistics scenario. Yojee helps provide a more interactive experience on the logistics platform.

Versatile: ChattyPeopleZendeskChatfuel and Converse are useful online tools that enable small business establishments to customize their bots without coding. These bots are used by a number of SMEs in domains such as healthcare, spas, law, retail and real estate.

Personal assistance: Personal assistance is the other area where SMEs are stepping up their AI investment. can assist in tasks such as ordering dinner or reminding you to pick up the laundry, while Pana, the smooth talker, can book hotel accommodations in a jiffy.
Business owners who do not have the time to fix meetings can rely on – the bot which can make business meetings less of a hassle.

Businesses that pertain to finance and insurance domains also have introduced bots such as ABIe (Allstate Business Insurance Expert) that handles insurance related queries and Eno, that can pay bills and updates on current credit card dues and balances.

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