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Video interview tips: most recruiters now use video interviews

With more than two hundred languages being spoken in Australia and 26% of overseas-born population, recruiters clearly have to focus on developing smart strategies to recruit, train and retain talent.

According to a GreenJobInterview survey, video interviewing technique was used by close to 80% of survey participants. Video interviews were used by a majority of these participants to recruit mid-level and senior level employees. More than 90% of participants in this survey indicated they would prefer to use video interviewing to recruit in the future.

The interesting finding of this survey was that almost 90% wanted to switch over to video interviewing to recruit.


Hiring smart: Diverse workforce contributes to higher levels of motivation and encourages innovation within organizations. With businesses expanding to reach newer and emerging markets, it is crucial for businesses to be able to communicate effectively in these segments. A diverse workforce can enable such communication and help build business relationships. Besides, a diverse workforce also brings in multiple perspectives, talents and skills.

Applicants prefer a workplace that is Culturally Sensitive and Diverse. Video recruiting is the ideal way to hire people from different cultures and geographical locations.

With the ever looming shortage of talent across industries, hiring the right skills mean casting the recruiting net farther and wider to broaden the talent pool. Video recruiting provides the right platform by enabling quick and easy connections with top talent across the globe.

Time and cost benefits: Arranging transportation, venues and schedules for recruitment processes each year can make significant dents in the budget. Video recruitment, on the other hand, offers a cost-effective way of making smart hires.

With video interviews, it is possible to save up time lost in traveling or commuting to distant locations for interviews, both for recruiters as well as applicants.

Hiring people with disabilities: Recruiters can benefit from tapping into the skilled pool of over one million people with disabilities in Australia. Besides, corporates across the globe have specific policies to provide equal opportunities for people with disabilities. Video interviews offer convenience and flexibility that is lacking in face-to-face interviews.

Faster hires: According to MRINetwork, 56% of recruiters believe the cumbersome hiring processes deter managers from filling vacant positions. Lengthy hiring processes also can mean the applicants lose interest and seek companies with shorter hiring processes. To avoid losing top talent to compete, businesses can use video recruitment to conduct pre-interview screening as well as the actual interview.

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