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Tech Trends 2018

The year 2017 was defined by technological advances that are set to have long-term impacts on the business world.  Businesses have had to adapt to the rapidly changing technological landscape in the highly challenging and competitive global environment.  Increasing internet speeds and the dominance of mobile over other internet-enabled devices have already shaped business strategies across the globe.

How machine learning is changing IT service management

With constant progress in the field of AI and machine learning, more and more services and processes are getting automated today. With the rise in demand for instant and accurate solutions, ITSM and its methodologies are getting automated. By minimizing human intervention and automating most of the routine tasks we not only reduce the number of errors but also save cost. Implementation of ITSM requires the alignment of your IT services with the core business goals of the company. An improvement in the service quality and efficiency in your IT services will have a major impact on your business.

With further progress in natural language processing and virtual assistants, service desk capabilities and incident management are being completely automated to provide continuous and fast service. Mentioned below are some of the major advantages of incorporating AI into your ITSM processes.

Why is Recruiting Important in an Organization?

One of the most overlooked criteria in a business is human resources recruitment. Most business owners or leaders fail to recognize the impact recruitment has on short-term and long-term successes. Recruiting, by itself, is the essential function for your human resources team. It is an integral part of your business’ foundation as well as its success.

Signs That Your Business is in Serious Trouble

The business world is not a walk in the park. It is cutthroat and extremely competitive. Not all businesses have been successful. Very few companies and brands have survived roadblocks to become established businesses. Some even for several generations.

The key to ensuring your business remains afloat is recognizing the signs that there could be some trouble. Even if things seem rock-solid now, they can change in a matter of months.

Evaluate your Recovery Time

Cost of Downtime

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