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2018 – Future Technology Trend

Businesses have had to adapt to the rapidly changing technological landscape in the highly challenging and competitive global environment. Increasing internet speeds and the dominance of mobile over other internet-enabled devices have already shaped business strategies across the globe.
Visual experiences

The coming years will see videos becoming “critical sources of information” according to Ian Altman. According to a Forbes research, close to 75% of people watch videos on business websites that are work related once in a week. Video posts are also the most widely viewed across social media with 65% of people visiting the website after watching video advertisements.

What Do You Need To Know About Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups

The biggest trend in recent times is starting your own business. With so much competition, startups face numerous challenges. The most life-threatening challenge a business can face is trying to remain profitable or cash-positive.

In the US, you will need at least $30,000 to start a small business; extra emphasis on “small.” Trying to remain afloat in today’s market means a lot more effort from business owners. Regular payments such as for raw materials, employee salaries, and rent and other bills require a steady source. So, how does a startup ensure profitable revenue?

The simplest and most effective way to bring in profits is to market your business. Not only will bring your company the recognition it needs, but it also creates engagement with potential clients while yielding revenue. Since startups are usually tight with budgets.

Management Interview Questions and Tips

An interview is the best opportunity for hiring managers to have an in-depth focused conversation with prospective candidates. While it is the crucial element of the hiring process, it is also an opportunity for candidates to find out more about the organization and job profile to see if it matches their requirements.

Interviews are intended to help managers identify the best matches for the job. But given the time constraints and shortage of skills, managers and recruiters find it challenging to find the right fit for the job within the defined timeframe. While it is tempting to resort to shortcuts in conducting interviews, doing so may result in bad hires. And as everyone knows, wrong hires can cost businesses millions of dollars annually.

Simple Steps for a Successful Branding

Brand communication is an ongoing interaction with customers with a focus on building the company’s reputation. Consistent and reliable messages throughout the multiple touch points – be it social media, print, packaging or email-help pave the way for meaningful communication between brands and potential customers.

According to Jeff Bezos “, a brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”


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