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IT staffing industry trends 2017

The most recent trends in staffing emerged in a LinkedIn survey where more than 2000 managers across 35 countries were surveyed. The survey participants listed some of the major trends and challenges in staffing that include smart use of social media and technology.

Boost In Revenue A Major Trend

For staffers across the globe, the top two concerns were financial growth and widening the profit margins. More than 50% of those surveyed in a Bullhorn and LinkedIn survey said they were concerned about revenue growth while 37% of the HR professionals said talent acquisition was the third major concern.

Close to 90% of those surveyed in the Bullhorn and LinkedIn survey said that their companies would do better financially in 2018. A majority of businesses surveyed also said that their companies would be successful in achieving their financial targets in 2018.

Close to 79% of firms expect to see a number of candidates being placed this year.

Major Obstacles

In the Bullhorn survey, shortage of talent was named as the top challenge by 60 % of respondents. Although a majority of firms surveyed had adopted smart staffing systems including Applicant Tracking System and CRMs, adapting to technological advances was named as another major challenge by many firms. Close to 40% of firms surveyed said they would increase their investment in technological upgrades in recruitment.

New and innovative methods of recruiting such as the use of video interviews are the other areas of focus for IT firms.

Contract Staff

Contract staffing in IT firms is a major trend. According to Adecco, a temporary placement service provider there will be three to four times more contingent or temporary staff hired as compared to traditional workforce. Almost one-quarter of the global workforce would comprise of contract staff.  The trend has been an ongoing one with a 3% increase in contract staff hiring in 2016 as well according to Staffing Industry Analysis(SIA).

Specific Skills

IT firms are increasingly willing to increase compensation for highly valued skills such as cloud technology, cybersecurity, and software development. With more technological advances in the coming year, the demand for highly skilled employees would go up further.

Rise In Passive Employees

According to a Spiceworks survey, 37% of participants said they were looking out for a new job in the IT sector. The top reasons for switching jobs are advancing their IT skills and better compensation.

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