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ITSM or IT Service Management

The IT department in any organization has become one of the core sectors that is integrally tied to all the other departments of the organization. Since the IT department is responsible for providing all the software and hardware assets to the company, proper management of IT services becomes crucial. This has become even truer in the current times when the IT department is seeing deeper integration with the core organization. The goals of the IT department are being increasingly brought in line with the goals of the organization in general.

This is where ITSM or IT service management comes in. ITSM is a management framework or methodology of increasing the productivity and response of IT team and IT services. With the adoption of ITSM, the IT department is no longer an auxiliary department, rather it becomes one of the most important departments. Some of the various factors that come into the purview of ITSM include, setting up a service or help desk, platforms of raising issues and managing them effectively, asset management including both hardware and software, change management, network administration and management. All of these processes are improved and managed by ITSM platforms. If a company has an IT department, then it usually utilizes some form of ITSM.

Advantages of Implementing ITSM

ITSM brings structure and organization to the IT practices in any company. Some of the various advantages of implementing ITSM are mentioned below.

  • It brings standardized practices and integration of similar activities. This means that ITSM provides easy to use platforms that group all kinds of similar tasks under one platform. All the practices are given standardized practices to follow which are easy to keep track of.
  • ITSM takes initial investments and time to implement. But the ROI of the framework is very high and the increase in productivity becomes apparent in a very short time. IT professionals are better guided and employees know how to use the software tools. This leads to optimization of processes and increased process efficiency. Any time there is an issue, it is raised at the right platform and acted upon immediately.
  • ITSM provides executives deeper insight into the workings of their own company. Since all the hardware and software assets can be tracked, project executives can receive live updates about the progress of various tasks and can even help them visualize the entire project for better management.

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