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Benefits of ITSM to Small and Medium Enterprise

The initial investment of time, capital and resources in establishing ITSM might put-off a lot of small and medium businesses. Due to the limited nature of their size and operations, a lot of such organizations might make the decision of not implementing ITSM in the interest of saving capital and resources. Small and medium businesses need ITSM much more than large corporations in order to ensure high ROIs and optimize process results and resource consumption. Activities like asset allotment and tracking, network management, software update, service desk, etc. need to be properly managed and streamlined. This is exactly what the ITSM framework accomplishes. It is a strategic and solution oriented approach to designing, delivering and improving the IT service in an organization. The initial applications of ITSM date back to the IT businesses operating in mainframe environments.

ITSM will enable easy to access IT support throughout all departments and activities. This will lead to better coordination among several teams and make the work more streamlined by establishing a common platform for issue management and communication of important alerts. ITSM looks at every process and enquires how the digitization of the process and its subsequent management can benefit the organization. This way, IT departments operating under some form of ITSM framework such as COBIT or ITIL directly affect the bottom-line of the organization.  Today, ITSM framework can be offered suing cloud services, enabling even small and medium businesses to setup their own framework and manage their IT services better.

Why should small businesses consider ITSM

Small and medium businesses should not be put-off by the initial investments required in establishing ITSM framework. The benefits of ITSM are experienced almost immediately after the system is adopted throughout the organization.

Small and medium businesses often work with limited resources and manpower. Today there are many third-party ITSM service providers that provide all the benefits of ITSM framework through cloud servers. This means that small and medium companies can altogether do away with their IT teams and outsource all of their IT service management tasks to such third-party service providers. This will result in significant cost saving and will make it easy for executives to keep track of various operations. Utilizing such third-party services also provides the ability of such small sized organizations to scale easily without worrying about updating their digital assets. Added to this, ITSM leads to a reduction in overhead costs.

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