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When asked “Why do you rob banks?”, infamous bank robber Willie Sutton responded “That’s where the money is”.

Today, thanks to advancements in technology – and an ever-increasing trend of storing data, financial, personal information and business related on computer devices – the new “bank robberies” are cyber-crime related. Such incidents are increasing, as you can tell by the number of attacks that make the news every day.

As these news stories tend to mention large companies, you might be thinking “But we’re small, nobody would bother to hack us, right?”.


You just don’t HEAR about these attacks; the news wants to focus on BIG stories. Second, most small businesses don’t know they’ve been hacked OR don’t report it as they should because they’re embarrassed or afraid of the legal and reputational consequences.

According to PC World, 82 Thousand NEW Malware threats are being released every day.

Spam email levels continue to rise increasing the risk of someone clicking on infected links or opening bogus attachments

Social media has become the #1 cause for lost productivity in most businesses

Web surfing and hitting a compromised site causing an infection – possibly Ransomware, where the hacker holds your data hostage until you pay to regain access

Mobile devices are being increasingly targeted – people don’t tend to spend to secure their personal devices even though company data is likely on them making them an easy target

Low end routers connecting your business to the Internet can be easily bypassed by sophisticated attacks allowing access to your network.

You Need To Get Serious About Protecting Your Company Against Cybercrime!

But What Does That Look Like?

The days of thinking an anti-virus being enough are gone. While an important piece of the puzzle, security now requires a multi-tier approach to minimize risks.

One size doesn’t fit all. Call to schedule a consultation to learn what risks your business is facing today and get a FREE -no obligation- action plan to improve your security.

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