EOFY IT Check In: Preparing your business for the year ahead!

EOFY IT Check In: Preparing your business for the year ahead!

We’ve made it to the end of yet another Financial Year during one of the most challenging times in history!

Typically, this is one of the busiest periods for businesses, but, ironically, it’s also one of the few ‘constants’ that have remained steadfast in our calendar during this turbulent time.

Apart from balancing business’s books, now is also a great opportunity to deepen your existing customer relationships and build on your advisory leadership role. It’s also the perfect time to revisit the 5 Pillars of IT Success to ensure your business is operating at the best level it can, as we move into a new financial year.

If you’re a client of Technology for Accountants (T4A), the 5 Pillars of IT Success are not unfamiliar to you. As part of our partnership with you and your business, we incorporate these Pillars as part of our best practice procedures to define the configuration standard and ensure optimal security, stability and reliability.

Over the next few months, we will be examining each area in more detail to ensure your business has the IT continuity it needs to keep up with local and global industry challenges.

Our process has been developed using years of real-world experience working with various businesses around Australia and consists of the following components:

  1. Technology Strategy – How effective are your IT systems at meeting your current and future needs?
  2. Network & Cyber Security – What is the value of your records and data?
  3. Your Environment – There’s no place like home, for your data that is!
  4. Business Continuity – An operating system or equipment failure, damage by natural disaster, failure to back-up – these scenarios can fast become a reality.
  5. House Keeping  Having trouble navigating your systems? And what about ongoing system maintenance?

The actual contents of each Pillar will vary depending on the size and requirements of your practice. However, by applying these 5-core pillars you will enjoy an IT system that is:

  • Reliable and Dependable;
  • Perform at or beyond expectations;
  • Conform to the manufacturer’s implementation guidelines or standards;
  • Be efficient / cost-effectively supportable;
  • Documented;
  • Compatible; and,
  • Simple (i.e. no more complex than is absolutely necessary).

However, we caution our valued clientele that if you are to ignore any one of the five Pillars listed, it can ultimately result in:

  • System downtime;
  • Effects on user productivity;
  • Issues with support from manufacturers or other vendors;
  • Increased cost of maintenance;
  • Problems with other software/hardware/systems in which the system participates; and,
  • Disorder due to users not understanding how to use the system.

Therefore, we urge all businesses to take stock and remain committed to their IT operating strategy. Don’t forget to schedule in a dedicated ‘IT Check In’ time to ensure all systems are performing as they should, so your business can truly excel in the new financial year.

Please stay tuned as each week we will outline a more detailed analysis of each Pillar that will keep your IT ticking along without any worry or fuss.

This is what we’re here for!