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Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster recovery falls within the larger framework of IT service management. Disaster recovery is a critical aspect of system security planning. Disaster recovery is a set of policies and protocols that are to be followed when the company faces times of crisis or unforeseen disasters. Such crisis may include major cyber-attacks from hackers, loss of goods and assets due to natural disasters or systematic failures of industrial processes or equipment.

Disaster recovery is analogous to risk assessment and management and is usually considered a part of typical business continuity plans. Having a strong disaster recovery plan helps in the quick and efficient identification of IT services and processes that can be of help during times of emergencies. Disaster recovery plans are indispensable in ensuring the health of the company in the long run.

Tech Trends 2018

The year 2017 was defined by technological advances that are set to have long-term impacts on the business world.  Businesses have had to adapt to the rapidly changing technological landscape in the highly challenging and competitive global environment.  Increasing internet speeds and the dominance of mobile over other internet-enabled devices have already shaped business strategies across the globe.

Deep and Dark Web Mysteries

When one hears the term ‘dark web,’ images like dealing with drugs or assassinations are what flood the mind. A majority of activities on it are illegal. Unbeknownst, these are not the only things the dark web is used for. The ‘deep web,’ which popularly came to be called as dark web, consists of a wealth of knowledge that is not accessible by traditional search engines. Google has indexed only 0.04 percent of the whole Internet; the rest is still a confounding mystery for us.

The good and the bad of the Deep Web

The Internet is an extremely large place which includes components that you may be unaware of; the dark web being one of them. The dark web is a collection of websites which are not indexed by conventional browsers and tools. They cannot be searched using conventional search engines like Google either. These websites can only be accessed using certain tools or programs. The most commonly used software is Tor, and some others include I2P and Freenet. The dark web has both criminal and legitimate aspects to it.

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