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Ways to Avoid Being Overwhelmed By Your Inbox

Do you look at your inbox and want to cry? If so, you’re not alone. According to widely cited Radicati Group research, the average person gets 120 business emails every day.

If you don’t manage your emails, you could end up in another statistical majority. People spend at least 14 percent of their workday on email alone. Is it any wonder that a recent Harris Poll found that only 45 percent of our workdays are spent on actual work? If you’re looking for the solution to your email woes, start with some of Silicon Valley greats.

Signs That Your Business is in Serious Trouble

The business world is not a walk in the park. It is cutthroat and extremely competitive. Not all businesses have been successful. Very few companies and brands have survived roadblocks to become established businesses. Some even for several generations.

The key to ensuring your business remains afloat is recognizing the signs that there could be some trouble. Even if things seem rock-solid now, they can change in a matter of months.

2018 – Future Technology Trend

Businesses have had to adapt to the rapidly changing technological landscape in the highly challenging and competitive global environment. Increasing internet speeds and the dominance of mobile over other internet-enabled devices have already shaped business strategies across the globe.
Visual experiences

The coming years will see videos becoming “critical sources of information” according to Ian Altman. According to a Forbes research, close to 75% of people watch videos on business websites that are work related once in a week. Video posts are also the most widely viewed across social media with 65% of people visiting the website after watching video advertisements.

Why Spear Phishing Is Your Biggest Cyber Security Threat

In the book Spam Nation, investigative journalist and cybersecurity expert Brian Krebs revealed the single most effective (and relied upon) way cybercrime rings gain access to your bank account, credit cards and identity. Ready for it? E-mail.

Whether it’s opening an attachment infected by a virus, or a phishing scam where you unknowingly give up your login to a critical website, e-mail still remains the most popular and reliable way digital thieves can rob you blind, steal your identity and wreak havoc on your network.

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