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IT Support & Advice For The Businesses Of Gippsland

Technology Management (sometimes called Managed Services) allows the business owner and IT Support Company to focus on the same goals and objectives; helping your business run faster, easier, and more profitably.

Think of a property management firm. Tenants pay them a fixed monthly fee and they take care of maintaining the grounds, perform building maintenance, dealing with any building repairs, and coordinate working with the trades on any plumbing and electrical needs. It’s the same concept with technology.

Technology For Gippsland manages the day to day aspects of your technology. Maintaining your computers, updating software and installing security patches, monitoring the network for issues, dealing with your technology related vendors (Internet Provider, Printers, Telephones etc), overseeing network security, ensuring data is backed up and available if disaster strikes and providing help desk support for any computer or IT issues your staff might encounter.

The better job we do to automate maintenance, build efficiency of service, lower your business risks and lower the amount of technology issues your staff experience the more profitable your business is (less system downtime, more efficient staff, increased productivity and production etc.) and the more profitable the relationship is for us as well (less time fixing issues equals higher profit margins.) It’s now in both our interests to ensure your technology “just works.”

Clients tell us the biggest advantage to it, they no longer need to worry about technology in their business. They have a partner to deal with it and to look after their best interests. We call this the IT Assurance.

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